Monday, September 2, 2013

Music from Christmas River, Track 3

Happy September!

As I’m looking at the calendar, I’m both shocked and terribly excited to see that the Christmas season is really just a matter of months away. Maybe I’m jumping the gun just a little bit (it is still technically summer after all) but things do go quickly this time of year. As a writer of Christmas mysteries, that’s both very exciting and very nerve-wracking!!! Lots and lots of work to do between now and Christmas, but I’m looking forward to getting into the spirit of things.

I’m currently working on Madness in Christmas River. The new book takes place during the month of December. It’s fun being back in Christmas River during the Christmas season. This season promises  plenty of snow, lights, ornaments, delicious pie, and of course… madness!

Anyway, I thought I would share with you one of my very favorite Christmas songs for this edition of Music from Christmas River. For me, when it comes to Christmas songs, it just doesn’t get any better than Dean Martin’s album A Winter Romance. When I was writing Murder in Christmas River, I had this album playing over and over in the background. My favorite song from the collection is Canadian Sunset. That intro just makes my heart melt every time!

A beautiful song that’s easy to appreciate -- even when you’re in the middle of an 80-plus degree day at the end of summer J

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Labor Day!

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  1. Oh, Meg Muldoon, the memories are flooding back as I listen to this great song!
    I can't wait until Madness is released so I can catch up with some Cin and Co.! What craziness is brewing up over in Christmas River this time?
    Happy end of summer! Yaw!