Friday, May 13, 2016

Cozy Moment Friday: Lilacs & Adobe

"Lilacs & Adobe"

I returned home to Santa Fe this week to find that the whole city has come to life. Everywhere you look, trees and plants are in full-bloom, showing off their beautiful fresh green leaves and vibrant flowers. 

There's a row of leafy shrubs outside one of my Casita windows. I had never given them much thought, honestly. Not until returning home this week, when, to my surprise, I found them to be full of beautiful and fragrant purple flowers. I had no idea I had a row of lilac trees outside of my house! How lucky! The flowers make the air smell sweet and magical. I've been in the middle of some work-intensive editing of Bulldogs & Bullets, but when I take a break and look outside the window by my desk, I get to see those beautiful blooms. And they make me so happy! 

That's my cozy moment of the week. How about you? Share your cozy moment below! 


  1. Hi, Meg! Those lilacs look sooooo beautiful and cool....oh, to be in Santa Fe in the spring!! Lucky you!!!
    My cozy moment this week involved driving on a wide open road in the Southwest, watching the dry heat dance on the black top and desert landscape, making my way to a retreat where I have plans to soak and swim and think for two weeks straight. :) True, my brain may fry like an egg in the sun, but it will be very, very cozy...

  2. That sounds wonderful, Jools!!! What a great cozy moment!