Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A New Chapter: Santa Fe, NM

Even though my recently published book, Magic in Christmas River, is the seventh in the Christmas River series, in many ways the book represents a new beginning for me. Though Cinnamon Peters is still living in a Central Oregon mountain town in this latest installment – I no longer am. Magic is the first book I've written living in a new place. Earlier this fall, I moved from Oregon to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Though I love Oregon (and still very much consider it my home) I felt like it was time for a new adventure. I figured as long as I have the chance to set my own schedule and write from anywhere, I should try some place new. Carpe diem, right? It’s a little scary to just pick up and move to a new place out of the blue. But much like Warren says in Madness in Christmas River when he tells Cin he’s heading to Scotland for a year – “Life’s a river, and I’ve been stuck in the reeds too long!”

I chose to move to Santa Fe for its natural beauty, rich cultural history, vibrant art scene, and because I always thought it would be just the coolest thing to live here one day. As a kid, my family used to visit the Southwest a lot, and I've always loved the wide blue skies, the big puffy clouds, the fresh air, and the stunning landscape. And while I’ve been homesick for Oregon from time to time, I love the new chapter I’ve started here. Not only am I getting lots of writing in, but I also feel inspired, alive, and excited about my work. As a writer, and as an adventurer in this wonderful thing called life, I find that I could not ask for a better situation. I thought I would share this news with you guys, since you’ve all been along with me for so much of my writing journey. 

Here are a few things I love about my new home so far: 

This is my writing desk in my Casita. I live in such a peaceful and wonderful location just blocks from the Plaza!

This cute cat likes to sit out on my balcony sometimes. Some days, he stops by the window near my desk and looks in at me while I write. I've named him Lon Chaney, since he's got a Phantom of the Opera mask going. 

There's a shop here called "Kakawa Chocolate House" that's dedicated entirely to hot chocolate.
So delicious! I know where I'm gonna be all winter :) 

And while I may have moved – don’t any of you worry: Cinnamon Peters is not going anywhere! She’s staying right in Christmas River where she belongs. But what I will say is that there may be some sort of hot chocolate shop cozy mystery series in store for the future. And with that, I better get to some hot chocolate “research." ;)


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  1. SO AWESOME, MM!!! I love the photo essay here, and I love how you just moved and got out of the reeds. I can't wait to come visit your casita again....and also the Kakawa Chocolate House!