Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Christmas River Novella Collection Coming to Amazon 7/9

Hi Readers!

I'm excited to announce that a new collection of Christmas River Cozy Mystery novellas will be available this upcoming Monday on July 9! Caught in Christmas River comes in at nearly 40,000 words (close to a full-length book) and features two novellas that were originally published on my Cozy Lodge Patreon Page (so if you are a Cozy Lodge member, you already have these stories and all bonus material, so no need to purchase this collection twice!) Here's the description of this wonderfully fun summer-inspired collection which also features two bonus recipes, a bonus short story and... a very special sneak peek at a chapter from the upcoming full-length book, Mistake in Christmas River (Book 11)!

Caught in Christmas River: A Christmas Cozy Mystery Novella
Two summertime whodunits perfect for the easy breezy carefree days of summer. Featuring:

Mystery at Agate Inn
A romantic vacation to a cozy inn on the Oregon Coast turns deadly for Cinnamon and Daniel when one of the other guests takes a tumble off the side of a cliff. 
But was it really an accident? Or was there something more sinister to the incident? 
Cin and Daniel play detective in this delightful seaside whodunit! Featuring Cin and Daniel on vacation for the very first time!

Warren & The Sparks Lake Mystery
It's 1951 in Christmas River and Warren Peters has had a tough week. He's failing English class, the girl he's secretly in love with doesn't even know he exists, and his after school job at the Sparks Lake General Store has been slow and boring.
But when a serious crime takes place in Christmas River and it hits a little too close to home, Warren finds himself pulled into a perplexing mystery that will take all his wit and intelligence to get out of alive.
A heartwarming coming of age tale based on one of the most beloved characters from the Christmas River Cozy Mystery Series...
So grab your sunscreen, beach bag, and Kindle, and cozy up with this summery Christmas River mystery collection!

Thanks so much, readers! Look for this novella collection on Amazon Monday! 

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